Brodick Seafront

Completed Projects

New promenade at Brodick Pier

Works Carried Out

The construction of the new sea wall at Brodick Pier was a difficult process which was greatly dictated by the tides and the weather.  Concrete containing special waterproof additives was used, and this enabled us to create the sea wall in position.  The new promenade followed, and the car parking bays were realigned to allow better access for drivers.  On the new grass borders, the Brodick Improvement Committee arranged for the curved walls to be built, and for the flowers planted within
This promenande had long been campaigned for by the Brodick Improvement Committee and was instructed by North Ayrshire Council in 2009

Project Conclusion

The new promenade was completed in 2010, and was officially opened by the Lady Jean Fforde on Thursday 5th August 2010


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